Disclaimer Local Comedy Showcase at The Magnetic Field, Fri., Oct. 19, 10:30 p.m.

The Disclaimer Lounge is proud to present the Disclaimer Local Comedy Showcase – Friday, Oct. 19th, 10:00 pm at The Magnetic Field. $5 at the door or get tickets online at  http://www.eventbrite.com/event/4420602140

We’ll be showcasing some of Asheville’s newest comic talent and featuring some local favorites.

Comics: Taylor Rogers, H.D. Wimbledon, James Hancock, Nick Murphy, Macon Clark, Nate Huntzinger, Nick Rehwaldt. Feature sets by Grayson Morris and Tom Peters Hosted by Chris Morgan.

Click here to find out more about The Magnetic Field in Asheville’s River Arts District.


Taylor Rodgers

Taylor Rodgers is a Waynesville NC native, now living in Asheville. He attended UNC Chapel Hill for undergrad, where he studied things no one hire him for. Which is just as well, because he enjoys his current job brewing beer for a living. He started doing stand-up comedy about a year ago, and continues to perform at open mics around the area a couple times a week. His favorite song is “I Want You Back” by The Jackson Five, and his favorite food is french fries and also burritos. He likes to party.”


H.D. Wimbledon

H.D. Wimbledon clearly believes a bio is something altogether different as the information submitted was incomprehensible & wildly inappropriate.





Chris Morgan

Chris is comic from Michigan who started in Asheville. He has played to audiences in North Carolina, Tennessee, New York, South Carolina and Michigan. His comedy features a look on real life absurdities with a bit of blue. He has performed in venues such as Asheville’s Pulp Lounge, Athena’s, The Coffee Underground, along with several showcases in New York.



Tom Peters

Tom Peters is in his second year of performing comedy and has already opened for Seaton Smith, Jared Harris, Tom Simmons, and Joe Zimmerman.





Chris Rehwald

Chris Rehwald is 23 years old and originally from Chicago. He’s been in Asheville for about two years and doing stand-up comedy for eight months. Being raised by Comedy Central as a kid allowed him to gain an appreciation for stand-up. As for comedic inspirations, he’s not sure he has any, but respects any comic who can create an image for themselves. Coming from Chicago, he would like to think he has the characteristics of the members of Second City, as well as the vibrant stand-up scene there. He has now been doing comedy for long enough to know what works on stage, but not long enough to stop caring.


Grayson Morris

Grayson Morris is comedian/story teller who has been performing in and out of Asheville for the past year and a half. She has opened for M. Dickson and Dave Stone.





Macon Clark







James Hancock







Nick Murphy







Nate Huntzinger

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